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Grace Lutheran Church, Hatfield, PA; Pastor Nancy M. Raabe

Service of Lament and Loss

Live on Facebook May 28 at 5 pm

Recent Reflections

Meeting the risen Christ

Back on May 4 (yes – the Fourth was with us!), the subject of our final confirmation class of the year was Jesus’ Resurrection. Mostly I talked at the students, as it is a difficult subject to have a dialogue about and whose truth we must accept as a matter of faith. But one thing I hope that they heard is that…

Christ IS risen indeed!

“Have faith.” It’s what we say when we are not sure of an outcome. “Have faith, it will all work out.” “Have faith, the doctors are really good at what they do.” “Have faith, your daughter will come around eventually.” Easter gives us a whole different take on this. We have faith because we cannot see the outcome. Faith begins and ends…

Why Come to Church?

I am an advocate of the mainstream media, but boy, do they like to tell us what is wrong with the church and with religion. Last month it was an opinion piece in the New York Times on why churches should stop their online services. This month it was an opinion piece in the Washington Post on why church attendance will never…