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Grace Lutheran Church, Hatfield, PA; Pastor Nancy M. Raabe

Worship and Music

The Worship and Music Committee meets monthly to oversee all aspects of our worship life. Our active music ministry includes choir, instrumentalists, and chime choir. The choir or soloists often lead the psalm and provide central leadership in hymn singing. Please contact our Minister of Music, Kevin Freaney, through the church office at 215-855-4676 if you’d like to be involved.

From our Minister of Music:
Here are some things I’ve been working on having part of music this Fall to look forward to:

  • Hymn Preludes for Piano and Guitar in a light Jazz and Gospel style
  • Choir anthems, new and familiar
  • Sung Choral Benedictions such as Peter Lutkin’s “The Lord Bless you and keep you”
  • Beautiful vocal solos
  • Songs led by choir that invite the congregation to join along
  • Singing the Psalms in worship: Intended to be sung, we have Psalm Leaders each week now helping with this very important ministry role.  Thank you to Pastor Raabe for her inspiration to do this.  Both Pastor and I have both spent a lot of time on Psalmody to include and compose music refrains for many of the Psalms we are now singing.
  • Variety:  Spirituals, Gospel hymns (Old style hymns), Praise Songs, Traditional hymns, hymns that unite us and offer comfort, Heartfelt hymns
  • Harold Schaefer and I are coordinating together to share a mix of music for Communion Sundays for Preludes and Communion music.

I hope that each of you are finding worship to be a most prayerful and meaningful experience and that music inspires you to sing along.  I am blessed to be your Minister of Music.

To God be the Glory,