To Glorify God | To Grow in Faith | To Give in Service | Together in Christ
Grace Lutheran Church, Hatfield, Pa.



Pastor Janet Peterman, Interim Pastor
Phone: 215-855-4676 (office); 215-327-8727 (cell)



Office Administrator
Phone: 215-855-4676




Jessica Moran, Director of Stepping Stones Nursery School and Day Care Center
Phone: 215-368-2052



Kevin Freaney, Interim Minister of Music




2019 Church Council

Front Row: Peggy Schmidt; Carol MacDonald; Laura Kratz; Kay Deussing; Joanne Moyer: Pastor Peterman
Back Row: Bob Reilly, Rich Woltmann, Joyce Salter; Jaime Snyder Kaler; Tami Sarm; Bob Smyrl
Executive Team:
  • President – Peggy Schmidt
  • VP – Bob Smyrl
  • Secretary – Jaime Snyder
Committee liaison assignments are below:
  • Growing in God’s Grace (Tami Sarm)
  • Stepping Stones (Laura Kratz)
  • Worship and Music (Rich Woltmann)
  • Giving in Service Outreach (Carol MacDonald)
  • Mutual Ministry Team (Joanne Moyer)
  • Stewardship (Kay Deussing)
  • Christian Connections (Joyce Salter)
  • In-Reach (Carol MacDonald)
  • Confirmation (Pastor Peterman)
  • Communications (Peggy Schmidt)
  • Laymen Playmen (Joanne Moyer)
  • WELCA (Joyce Salter)
  • Property (Bob Reilly)
  • Cemetery Team (Bob Reilly)
  • Finance Team (Bob Smyrl)