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Hatfield Cemetery

Find your resting place here

Hatfield Cemetery is operated by Grace Lutheran Church. Following is a history of the cemetery. See the map below for the location.

Church Council of Grace Lutheran Church decided there was a need for a cemetery both in our church and in the Hatfield Community. In order to plan for future Church Building expansion, it was decided to purchase five acres in April of 1915 in Hatfield Township for $546 (located on Hatfield-Souderton Pike /Penn Street). After the property was surveyed and divided in sections for graves, the first burial occurred in September of 1916.

Since the first burial, there have been over 1100 burials and over 2000 graves still available to purchase. The cost of the graves are reasonable compared to other cemeteries in the area. Currently for members of the Church the graves are $200 each and non-members are $600. If you should have any questions concerning the Cemetery, please do not hesitate to contact any of our Board Members, or call the church at 215-855-4676.

Robert L. Kaler III – President
Laura Kratz – Vice President
Robert L. Reilly – Secretary/Treasurer
Ken Seiler – Property
Charles Roney – Property