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Ministry Teams


Grace has several active ministry teams. Most meet monthly. 

These include, for 2022-2023:

Adult Christian Education – Pastor Raabe

Cemetery Board – Bob Reilly

Adult Choir – Kevin Freaney       

Coffee Hour – Kay Stone

Communication Team – Pastor Raabe

Confirmation – Pastor Raabe

Finance – Bob Smyrl

Giving in Service – Kay Stone

Laymen Playmen – MC Reilly

HC3 – MC Reilly

H E A R T (connecting Grace to the community) – Peggy Schmidt   

INreach (Grace members caring for each other) – Carol MacDonald 

Mutual Ministry – Don Capanear

Property Team – Frank Stone/Bob Reilly

Special Projects Team – Kay Stone – as needed                   

Stepping Stones Team – Laura Kratz                   

Giving to God (stewardship) – Ken Seiler

Stitchers – Peggy Schmidt

Sunday School –  Laura Slugg

Visitation Team – Pastor Raabe

WELCA – Barbara Watts  

Prayer Team – Pastor Raabe

Technology – Harold Schaefer

Worship and Music – Kay Stone

            Acolytes – Kathy Stawasz

            Altar Guild – Emily Woltmann

Church Nursery – Kathy Stawasz

            Communion Assistants – Carol MacDonald

Communion Bread –Emily Woltmann

Flower Delivery – Kathy Stawasz

Greeters – Tami Sarm

            Lectors – Kathy Stawasz

            Ushers – Kay Stone

Hospitality Team (special gatherings, other fun activities) – Mary Jane Moyer, Barb Hess

Please contact Pastor Raabe if you would like to serve on any of these!

Christ has no body now on earth but yours….  (Prayer of St. Teresa)