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Ministry Teams

Grace has several active ministry teams. Most meet monthly. 

These include, for 2023-2024:

Adult Christian Education – Pastor Raabe

Cemetery Board – Bob Reilly

Adult Choir – Kevin Freaney       

Coffee Hour – Kay Stone

Communication Team – Laura Slugg

Confirmation – Pastor Raabe

Finance – Bob Smyrl

Giving in Service – Kay Stone

Laymen Playmen – MC Reilly

HC3 – MC Reilly

H E A R T (connecting Grace to the community) – Peggy Schmidt   

INReach (Grace members caring for each other) – Carol MacDonald 

Mutual Ministry – Don Capanear

Property Team – Frank Stone/Bob Reilly                 

Stepping Stones Team – Laura Kratz               

Giving to God (stewardship) – Ken Seiler

Stitchers – Peggy Schmidt

Sunday School –  Laura Slugg

Visitation Team – Pastor Raabe

WELCA – Barbara Watts  

Prayer Team – Pastor Raabe

Technology – Harold Schaefer

Worship and Music – Kay Stone

Altar Guild – Emily Woltmann

Church Nursery – Kathy Stawasz

Flower Delivery – Kathy Stawasz

Worship servers – Kathy Stawasz

Ushers – Kay Stone

Christ has no body now on earth but yours….  (Prayer of St. Teresa)