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Grace Lutheran Church, Hatfield, Pa.

Giving to God

The Giving to God team (“the team formerly known as Stewardship”) is very excited about its fall initiative from October 3-31: ‘FALL’ING IN LOVE WITH GRACE
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. (Matthew 6:21)

Instead of dropping leaves as most trees do this time of year, ours will be sprouting leaves in all the gorgeous colors of autumn. Here’s how it works: Take a packet of candy from the tree and replace it with a colorful leaf on which you will write ONE THING that you love about Grace Lutheran Church. As you hang the leaf on the tree, you are also invited to put a monetary gift of any amount in the special donation box on the table under the tree. You can give as many times and put up as many leaves as you want, but for each leaf you will need to think of something different that you love about Grace. That won’t be hard, though, will it?

This initiative will be combined with the pledge card drive, with all cards blessed in worship on Reformation Sunday. This year let’s fall in love with Grace all over again! If you want to join the Giving to God team, just contact Pastor Raabe.