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Warming Center

Over the years, the Hatfield area has been subject to numerous power outages.  These outages have grown more frequent, due in part to the numerous aging trees effected by the weather.  Power can be out for a few hours or in some instances a week. It can occur during the dead of winter, a hurricane or even during the summer when temperatures soar into the 90s.  For the most vulnerable it can become a life threatening situation when there is no power to charge medical equipment or a place to warm up or cool off.

The initial vision for the Warming Center came from the Stitchers of Grace. Realizing that the power outage situation was a serious one effecting our area, they decided to dedicate the proceeds from their biannual Stitch In events to purchase and install a generator in a house located next door to the main church building. They have been working on raising monies since Spring 2017.  Other Grace Teams, InReach in particular, had events and dedicated their proceeds to pay for the generator.

As we began close in on our monetary goal, we hosted a meeting for our membership to discuss the project and to affirm that we had the support of the congregation for it.   Participants not only affirmed the project but expanded it to include a cooling component in the event of a heat wave.

In 2019, the fund reached the goal that the Stitchers had set and the process of securing a provider to purchase and install the generator began.  With the guidance of the Property Team, this has been accomplished and the generator will be installed this fall.

What actually is the Warming/Cooling Center?  The Center will provide members of the community an opportunity to come in for a short period of time, charge electronic devices, have a cup of coffee and enjoy fellowship during a power outage or heat wave.  It is not an overnight shelter.

Members of Grace will work together to develop guidelines and will have them in place as soon as the generator is in place.  This way the Center will be ready to accept guests if power outages occur this winter.

Soupathon is Back!

Now is the time to stock up on some delicious homemade soup for the winter months.  On November 8th we will have delicious quarts of soup – chicken noodle, meatless minestrone and split pea on sale for $7.  You can preorder yours by filling out the form in the Narthex or give it to one of the Inreach Team members.  We also are looking for soup makers – just register for what type of soup you will be making (please use the provided recipes), the number of quarts you will make and take the plastic quarts and bring it back on the 8th.