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Grace Lutheran Church, Hatfield, Pa.

Lenten Series:  The Spiritual Gifts of Waiting

The leaders, staff and people of Grace Lutheran Church in Hatfield invite you to join us in creating a Lenten experience together, when the usual support of a midweek communal gathering is not possible this year.

You’ll find a new, brief post on the theme each Wednesday in Lent, beginning on Wednesday, February 24th, the first week of Lent, and again each Wednesday in Lent through and including the Wednesday of Holy Week, March 31st.  The posts will be available on Grace’s Facebook page, on Stepping Stones’ Facebook page, on Grace’s website (click on the picture to the left of this post on the main webpage) and will include a photo for meditation, a short scripture reading, a very brief meditation and a verse or two of a hymn.  You are welcome to add your word or thoughts in the comment section of this post!

We invite you to join us.

For those who prefer, print copies of the set of meditations will be available in time to start by midweek in the week of February 22nd in the church office (let the office know), are also available electronically, and will go out, a bit later, with the packets to homebound members and elders quarantining.  The print version will only have the words to the selected hymn verses.  If you’d like to hear a sung version of the hymn, check out one of the digital forms of the devotional – one of the Facebook pages or Grace’s webpage Here

A blessed Lent to you!

Pastor Janet S. Peterman, Interim Pastor

and Kevin Freaney, Minister of Music

Grace Lutheran Church, Hatfield, Pennsylvania


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