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Grace Lutheran Church, Hatfield, Pa.

Grace’s Thanksgiving

On Reformation Sunday, October 30, 2016 Grace’s congregation was again able to worship on the church’s site in the new fellowship room after being out of the building over four months due to construction.  I wrote a litany to celebrate where we had been to that day, and I would like to share it in these days of Thanksgiving.  Please pray it as we did, and add your own thanksgivings to our list.

You have brought us Lord to this day, a day we have dreamed about for nearly 5 years , We give thanks O Lord.  We are growing in God’s grace!

For the gift of this land and the former building on this site, the ministry done here for over a century, for fireman and first responders, for the insurance money which allowed us the opportunity to consider to rebuild, we give thanks O Lord.   We are growing in God’s grace! 

For the foremothers and forefathers of this congregation and community, for those who worshipped and taught and served, we give you thanks O Lord.  We are growing in God’s grace!

For those who gave and still give of their talents and time, For the early morning and late might meetings of planning, For architectural imagination, For building workers, For steel, bricks, mortar, wood, screws and nails, For sacrificial giving, For prayers and hope, we give thanks O Lord.  We are growing in God’s grace.

For the opportunities before us, for this beautiful space,  for learning and playing children who will be here, For meals served, for coffee poured, and conversations of the mundane and holy, For handshakes, and hugs, and welcoming words and listening ears.  For holy words spoken and sung and the body and blood of Jesus broken poured out, and received today, we give thanks O Lord.  We are growing in God’s grace,

For future generations who will come and see and find, For people who don’t know us yet who will become our friends and sisters and brothers, For those who will be here long after us, For boldness of invitation, for acceptance, and love, We give thanks O Lord.      And all God’s people said Amen!













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