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Grace Lutheran Church, Hatfield, Pa.

Annual Fall Ladies Tea – Saturday November 4th 2-4pm

“Come take a trip down Memory Lane”

We invite you to bring something to share, display and/or talk about something from your past that was significant which shaped who you are today. Ideas include actual wedding gown or pictures of, prom pictures, baptismal gowns, Awards, special events that are near and dear to your heart, favorite vacations that you would like to talk about and show pictures of, family tree pictures with description of who all the leaves (or nuts!) are.

Share ANYTHING you would like with us, we are captive audience and would love to hear about your memories of the past.  If you have any questions or need to pick my brain as to what you could, would, or should bring or what to talk about, please contact Lori Pluda anytime soon.  Of course it is not required of all attendees of the tea, but it sure is fun to hear your stories and “trip down your Memory Lane!”



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